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Engineering Design Service

We have a diverse national team of well-qualied and hands-on Engineers with many years of experience to provide quality, fast response and cost-effective solutions for our clients’ engineering requirements. All our Engineering design deliverables are done in accordance with international best practices, codes and standards such as ASME, API, ISA, IEC, IEEE, ISO etc

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Mechanical Construction, Fabrication and Welding

We have all equipment, tools and materials required to timely complete any complex and large-scale mechanical installation/construction project. Over the pastyears, our construction team has built complex facilities from inception to completion

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Automation and Control Services

Let's help bring complete automation and control solution to your processes and plant operation. We specialise in PLC, DCS and SCADA design, installation and commissioning. Our Team is robust and vast in timely execution of solutions for your automation need.

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Instrumentation and Control Services

Our Instrumentation & Control team has the tools and expertise needed to deliver your turkey instrumentation project on time and within budget

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Electrical and Power Systems

Our electrical design engineers can serve you with the detailed engineering design of your plant LV panel, MCC panel, MV panel, RMU, protection relays panel, synchronization panels etc and with our alliance with top OEM brand on switch gear systems panel we build and assemble all our design panels locally.

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Industrial Fire and Gas Systems Services

Our Specialists can use CYME, ETAP, & SKM for client’s proposed plant or brown eld plant load low analysis, short circuit analysis, motor starting dynamics analysis, protective device coordination analysis etc

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Fire and Gas System (F&G)

We follow standards such as the NFPA 72 and EN 54 in our designs We are expert on both EN, FM & UL products from Gent by Honeywell, Cooper, Siemens, Notiferby Honeywell, GST, Fike, Autronica and more.

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Telecommunications Services

Our personnel are competent in modems, servers, routers, switches, patch panels, PDU and other equipment & its application software installation and configuration

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Cathodic Protection

we have the capability to provide you with full design services, materials procurement for your CP application, installation, construction and commissioning services.

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