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Mechanical and Construction

All your mechanical and fabrication need

Our mechanical construction, fabrication, welding and installation expertise allow for metal structures to be made into a range of shapes and sizes for suitability of our client’s respectable plant process equipment demands
based her approved for construction design which is done via a variety of processes such as cutting, bending, profiling, welding and assembling done in line with international best practices, codes and standards

  • Best engineering practices
  • Zero compromise on quality
  • High delivery rate
  • Support and high reliability

We have all equipment, tools and materials required to timely complete any complex and large-scale mechanical installation/construction project. Over the past years, our construction team has built complex facilities from inception to completion.

Our well-qualified and hand-on construction team with many years of experience provides quality and timely solutions to our clients’ installation projects. We also have fabrication facilities to provide structural and piping pre-fabrication to our clients.

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