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Industrial Fire and Gas Systems

Our Specialists can use CYME, ETAP, & SKM for client’s proposed plant or brown field plant load low analysis, short circuit analysis, motor starting dynamics analysis, protective device coordination analysis etc, and the essence of this studies is to ascertain and verify the accuracy of all your electrical engineering
design for your new plant or existing plant.

  • Best engineering practices
  • Zero compromise on quality
  • High delivery rate
  • Support and high reliability

Our safety and security systems services can be grouped into three categories as below.

  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
  • Fire and Gas System (F&G)
  • Security System
  • Fire Fighting, Fire hydrant & Extinguishing & Suppression System

We design safety instrumented system using detection devices integrated into process control units with the function to isolate hazard sources such as flammable gases, fuel, potentially toxic gases etc through control logic programming installed on our locally build SIS SIL3 PLC based Panel.

We design, build, install, program/configure and commission robust safety instrumented systems (SIS) that meets the need of our customer plants.

We consider every single component on the process line, the processes and identify all potential hazards within a plant when we design our SIS systems. We clone systems using products from top manufacturers such as Emerson, Rockwell, Yokogawa, Honeywell, HIMA, Invensys, ABB and more.

We integrate our system with the main plant control system to achieve more efficiency, enhance plant reliability and availability. These reduces operational risks and operational down time.

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